• The most basic stages in the establishment of a foreign company
• Meeting with the customer and duly preparation of the company's articles of association
Registration and sending of articles of association via MERSIS:
• Trade companies are registered in the trade registry. Trade registry transactions are now carried out online via MERSIS (Central Registry System). The company established by foreigners is given a number through this system. With the system, establishment procedures can be done online. However, it is not possible to perform all transactions online. The first thing to be done in this process will be to send the company establishment records and the articles of association prepared for the company to the Trade Registry via the system.
Preparation and notarization of documents
A registration application is made to the Trade Registry Office regarding a group of documents. Documents received from Turkey are attached directly to the application file; Those obtained from outside of Turkey must be apostilled from the relevant country and notarized in Turkey or approved by the Turkish consulate where they are authorized. Documents in foreign languages ​​must also be translated into Turkish by authorized translators and notarized.

• Obtaining a possible tax number for the company
A potential tax number is required for the company's non-Turkish partners and non-Turkish board members. It is taken from the relevant tax office. To achieve this, a bank account must be opened in which the company capital will be deposited.
Depositing a certain part of the capital into the bank account of the Competition Authority
0.04% of the company's capital must be deposited into the Competition Authority's account by being paid from the Trade Registry Office's cashier.
Depositing a certain amount of the capital into the company's bank account and documenting it
At least 25% of the capital committed in the company's articles of association must be paid during the registration process, and the remaining portion must be paid within 2 years from the registration of the company.
The exception to this rule is limited liability companies. In the establishment of a limited liability company by foreigners, it is not required that the capital is initially deposited in a bank account. It is sufficient and necessary to pay the founding capital within 2 years following the registration of the limited company.

Application to the Trade Registry Office for registration procedures After these documents are obtained and the registration phase is completed at the Trade Registry Directorate, the Directorate informs the relevant tax office and the Social Security Organisation that the company has been established. Shortly after this information is given, the tax office should be visited and a tax certificate should be obtained. A social security number must be obtained from the Social Security Organisation. For the employees of the company, it is necessary to apply separately after the company is notified to the Social Security Organisation. Within 10 days after the registration of the company, the Trade Registry Office announces the establishment of the company in the Trade Registry Gazette.

• Certification of some legal books related to the Company The certification of these books is carried out by the employees of the Trade Registry Office during the establishment procedures. Compulsory Books for Company Incorporation of Foreigners: 1. Journal Book: It is the book in which commercial transactions are recorded item by item in chronological order based on documents.

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