How to Get Married in Turkey

How to Get Married in Turkey

How to Get Married in Turkey

How to Get Married in Turkey

Dear visitor, welcome to our article on Marriage Procedures of Foreigners. There is no legal obstacle for foreign nationals to marry either a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or a foreign national in Turkey. In order for marriage to have legal consequences in Turkey, it is necessary to establish a marriage contract before an authorized officer. Officials are authorized to marry in our country. In places where there is a municipality, the marriage ceremony is held by the mayor or the officials appointed by him, and in the villages by the headmen.

Marriage of Turkish Citizens with a Foreigner in Turkey

If one of the parties is Turkish, the other is a foreigner or both are foreigners, the parties may marry before the Turkish authorities. Foreign nationals are required to obtain a certificate of celibacy from the foreign representative of their country. The certificate of celibacy is related to the identity information of the person and that there is no obstacle to marriage, and it is also accepted as a certificate of marriage license. If the foreigner receives the bachelor's certificate from the Istanbul consulate, it must be approved by the Istanbul Governor's Office of Legal Affairs, and in the case of Ankara, it must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In case foreigners get the certificate of celibacy from their own country, it must be approved by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in their country or Apostille approval must be made.

What are the Terms of Marriage with a Foreigner?

Marriage applications can be made by the man and woman who are going to marry each other, by applying together to the municipality where one of the parties' residence address is located, or by a proxy authorized by a power of attorney containing a special provision for the marriage proceedings.

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