How Foreigners Can Open Bank Accounts in the Turkey?

How Foreigners Can Open Bank Accounts in the Turkey?

How Foreigners Can Open Bank Accounts in the Turkey?

How Foreigners Can Open Bank Accounts in the Turkey?

Opening a Bank Account for a Foreigner

We open a bank account in Turkey for foreign nationals. We can open a bank account without a residence permit. However, some banks still require a residence permit. Bank accounts can be obtained for you even if you need a bank account and do not have a residence permit.

In order for a foreign person to get a bank account, he or she must have the following documents:

  • Notarized translated passport.
  • Documents with address information, such as an electricity bill from their home country

Turkish tax identification number (we get it for you).


Bank Account for Turkish Company

We open bank accounts for companies established in Turkey. Today, there is a great demand for opening a bank account in Turkey by foreign companies. We help you open company bank accounts.

For company bank account we need the following documents:

  • Company main agreement.
  • A document containing notarized translations of passports and addresses of shareholders and managers translated into Turkish, and address information such as electricity bills is required.
  • A Turkish tax identification number is required for each shareholder. (we will get it for you).
  • Signature circular and Company stamp are required for the company.


We Need The Following Documents To Open A Bank Account With A Foreign Company

  • Company articles of association (notarized and apostilled).
  • Documents such as passport copies of shareholders and managers and electricity bill proving their addresses.
  • The company's Turkey tax identification number (we get it).
  • Turkey tax identification number for each shareholder (25% or more of the company's shares) and director (we will get it).
  • Signature circular for the company (notarized and apostill).
  • Power of attorney to open a bank account from the company (notarized and apostilled).
  • Power of attorney (notarized and apostilled) from each shareholder and director to obtain a tax number.


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